R&L Engineering, Inc. provides quality services to a diverse range of industries. It is our mission to find solutions that work best for our clients. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to work with our clients as a unified team to develop solutions and provide services.

R&L Engineering provides a range of services to users of industrial Programmable Logic Controllers. Programming and configuration brings to life the detailed design of the instrumentation and control system that is developed during the design phase of our automation projects. Our control engineers have extensive experience working with every major PLC system. They apply their knowledge in using the latest engineering tools to convert logic diagrams into PLC ladder logic, to write generic and custom code, to build I/O and to control applications using standard system function blocks and other features. With the features available in modern control systems, even complex advanced control strategies can be configured and programmed in these systems. 

Our engineers are experienced in all aspects, from program development to service and troubleshooting. These services include:  

  • System Design and Integration
  • Panel Design and Fabrication
  • Installation and Start-Up
  • Training
  • Contract Maintenance
  • Program Development
  • I/O Expansion
  • Spare Parts Support

In addition to PLC experience, our service engineers are trained and experienced in the service and troubleshooting of automation control. This permits us to analyze problems at the system level as well as at the PLC level, so that problems are resolved quickly and downtime is minimized. On-site troubleshooting and technical support over the telephone can also be provided. Our well-stocked facility ensures that our engineers have full access to up-to-date hardware for testing and simulation. With our vast experience, we are fully equipped to resolve any customer request.




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